Cold Calling – 3 Tips For Maximum Results

Cold calling is still the first and most important technique in establishing client or customer leads in most consumer driven industries. Although the process may have changed slightly over the last few decades, it is important not discount the impact that this marketing strategy can have on the success of your sales.


However, it is not just using cold calling that is important but how you implement the strategy. These cold calling tips are designed to help you generate as many viable leads as possible to increase your sales potential:

1. A Script

Following a script may seem like the wrong way to go about cold calling but it has been proven to be effective time and again. Knowing what you are about to say before you say it is important to imbuing the right sense of confidence, keeping track of what you want to say and getting the result you want.

It will also help you deal with the rejection and shutdowns that are the greatest obstacle to cold calling. You will know how to respond and exactly what to say to keep a prospective client on the line as long as possible so that you can employ your other cold calling techniques.

Designing a script can be a bit of a trial and error process. You need to find what works and what doesn’t. Start with an opening line that is least likely to get a negative response. Introducing yourself, the company you represent or the product/service you are promoting may not be the best opening line. Ask an open-ended question at the beginning.

Make sure that you list a number of different rebuffs to the most common rejections that may come up before you have entered into your sales pitch. Once you have created an interest, get the contact details as quickly as possible and end the call.

2. A Schedule

Have your list of leads ready and schedule a period of time within which you can achieve a specific number of calls. If you don’t schedule your time and goals, it can be difficult to accomplish the amount of cold calls needed to generate the amount of leads that will result in one sale. Any reputable online marketing company will be able to help with other strategies as well.

This will also help you keep track of the calls you have made and analyze your strategy. If you make 20 calls with the same negative outcome, you need to go back to your script and adjust it until you start receiving more positive results.

3. A Conversation

Most people simply don’t have the time or patience to listen to a cold callers repertoire. It is very important not to adhere to your script so closely that you don’t listen to what the other person has to say. Any success in sales requires LISTENING to your customers.

Evolving your sales pitch into a conversation where two people are involved will allow you to identify individual needs and play on these for a better outcome. On the other hand, don’t let a conversation distract you from your goal and always go back to your script when you feel that you have lost control of the cold call.